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The Harlots

Sister Annie Pilaxis finds injustice and inequality and leaps into action right from the pages of your favorite comic books. Her cape becomes a veil, her seemingly plain spandex super suit turns into a much stranger ensemble with epi-pen in hand, grabs the largest vat of Crisco available to alleviate any friction that members of the community may have. Because friction can cause chaffing and that just leads to rashes and blisters. Sister Annie loves educating the community in ANYTHING related to sex and handing out prophylactics to unsuspecting strangers. Her favorite thins to do is hang out the fire station in the summer and ogle firemen in their shorts..

Kara Oke

Snatched from the pages of Lisa Frank's Hillbilly Collection, I'm the self Proclaimed Patron Saint Queen of Sparkles! I grew up a queer choir director in southern Arkansas. Although what choir director isn't a little on the queer side? My father was a pastor and I grew up very religious. So when it came time it wasn't hard to make the jump to queer nun. I continue to influence others through song even competing in national karaoke competitions, hence the name. I like to think of myself as the soccer mom of the group. Not in that I'm the driver or rule enforcer. No. I'm the soccer mom as in Mama Loves the Grape! Rose all Day! Cheers!

Novice Project:

Website Design & Construction. Design of event flyers.  

SISTER Islama muslim

I am Sister Islama Muslim. While I am agnostic, I fight for the equal freedom and understanding of all religions through sarcasm and alcoholic beverages.


Sister Erma Gerd was born in a cozy little corner of the Andromeda galaxy to a wandering tribe of panty thieves. She was very good at panty-thieving, however always felt like something was missing in her life. After saying goodbye to her tribe-mates, she hopped on the first starship to the planet Earth to start a new life. Within the first week in her new home, she discovered a type of Earth-panties called a jockstrap. GASP! She immediately fell in love and knew her purpose in life, so she sought to find a group of humans that shared her passion of jockstrap-thieving. A few weeks later she joined the Hillbilly Harlots and the rest is sistory.

IMG_1363 2.jpeg
SISTER Will'm Grayce

“Just as I thought... TRASH!” -Jasmine Masters


No truer words have ever been spoken about Will’m. But this nun is the most fabulous piece of trash you will ever meet. She loves everyone she meets. She also loves to take pictures with everyone. Just add her on Instagram and watch as she blows her insta load all over the place. 40 pics in a row just to clog up your feed. You're welcome!! 

SISTER Maryanne arkie

Sister MaryAnne Arkie is a sentient bag of cosmetics that possesses the body of any being who puts on said cosmetics. She is very concerned with understanding these strange meat creatures, promoting their spiritual health, and making them happy. It feels better to be smeared across a smiling face, after all. She is currently in the possession of/is in possession of a cute ginger cub who doesn’t mind being overshadowed by activist makeup

Postulant Sister Marie Magdalena
(the Whore)

Sister Marie Magdalena (the Whore) chose her name after The Most Blessed Mary Magdalene. While Mary had a mostly undeserved reputation, Sister Marie revels in her hedonistic nature.


Marie's pastimes include sex, sex, Netflix, and more sex. Add in some good old bar ministry, with people from all walks of life and places on the sexual spectrum, and you'll find how she spends most of her downtime.


When she isn't busy hooking up and/or at the bar, you can find her trading pictures and stories with attractive young men on Grindr, educating herself and others about HIV/AIDS, or doing what she can to help the homeless.

Postulant Guard Pup Akuma

Guard Pup Akuma. This pup ain’t no hellhound, but he was still born from the unholy matrimony of Jigoku and Oni himself. When not storming the gates of Japanese hell, he’s busy sipping mimosas and punching homophobia, religious oppression, and Trumpism in the breadbasket. #JuvenileDiabetesAwareness


Sisters Not Pictured

  • Sister Liquor Balls

  • ​Sister Ana Lingus

  • Aspirant Sister Juana Nutt

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